Orbital CompactOne


Project Description

The CompactOne is the smallest and lightest orbital welding-compact system in the world. Simple operability in the style of a smartphone, touch panel and several help functions make it to an innovation leader of the industry.

The orbital welding machine CompactOne is the smallest and lightest orbital welding- compact machine in the world.
But it is not only marked by the small dimensions and the very slim weight. The simple operator guidance and program assembly in the style of a smartphone (the machine gene- rates welding programs automatically) and also the extensive possibilities in the operation of the software in the most simple way, are outstanding.
The operator is able to adjust the machine to his own requirements. Simple and inconspi- cious notifications facilitate the communication with the machine. A set of miscellaneous functions are available to the operator. The most important functions and information can be seen and launched on the main-display.
In terms of the hardware we only plugged parts from Germany, which are available over a long period. The application of a mass-flow controller (MFC) for the gas-inspection is espe- cially innovative. At this juncture the gas flow is not only inspected, but also documented. Regular updates not only keep the system on the latest state of technique, but the opera- tor benefits from knowledge, which was brought in by us or our customers. Two USB-ports are available for the data-transfer.
For the transport we offer a suitable case, which can be connected with a trolley.

Connection voltage 50/60 Hz: 230 V AC
Main fuse: 16 A
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 480 x 185 x 326
Weight (kg): 14,5
Communication (documentation, updates): 2x USB

Remote control RC professional
Gas hose 3m
USB-Card for software-updates & documentation
Y-cable for connection with oxygen analyzer



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