Orbital System Basic


Project Description

The system is constisted of a standard Lorch-Inverter of the T-series and a very economically priced microprocessor-controller.

The orbital welding system BasicPlus is consisted of an orbital controller and a standard TIG-power supply type T from Lorch. All machine types from this model range (18 different models) have an „orbital software on board“.
Like for the orbital welding system CompactOne also for the BasicPlus an automatic ope- rator guidance is available. By entering the pipe-diameter, pipe- thickness and the welding head-number, this feature generates the welding program. The entry of these parameters occurs intuitively, as typical symbols from the welding technique are used.
During the welding various parameters can be changed. Diverse engine control- cards allow the operation of own weld heads and also tools from other competitors. Currently 3 engine control-cards are available: rotation-encoder control (Orbitalservice, Orbitec), wire card and rotation-tachometer control (Arc Machines, Swagelok-Cajon, ESAB, Orbitalum).
Furthermore the data from our oxygen analyzers can be used for the welding-data docu- mentation and the error-recognition. The connection of a Bluetooth printer for the docu- mentation and also the PC-software for documentation in A4-size complete this product and make an inexpensive workhorse of it.

Input supply voltage 50/60 Hz: 2x 230 V AC
Main fuse: 16 A
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 480 x 185 x 410
Weight (kg): 16
Communication (documentation, updates): 2x RS 232

Remote control RC plus
Wireless remote controll RC professional
Net cable controller – inverter

Y-cable for connection of the water cooling unit WUK-6
Cold machinery-cable
Gas hose 3 m
Gas hose controller
RS 232-Dongle for welding data documentation
USB-Card with Software for PC-A4-Documentation in PDF-form



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